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DENNIS HARINCK - Just got paid (2K17)

In March 2017 A79recordings will release a steaming new NuDisco track produced by Dennis Harinck. You might know this one from back in the days according to Dennis Harinck. “This is one of my favorite tracks from the 80’s, I played the life out of that record and I wanted to bring it back to the dancefloor. I’ve tried to add some 2017 vibes to this production but also respected the original version during the production process”. This release contains the following versions: • 2K17 radio mix • 2K17 extended radio mix • 2K17 club mix

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NOISE PROVIDERS - Make you mine

NOISE PROVIDERS - Make you mine The Noise Providers consists of Harold van der Heijden and John van Vlierberghe; both gentlemen come from the southern parts of the Netherlands and released their first track in the beginning of December 2016. Now, a couple of months later, these boys are back with their second release on A79recordings Freestyle with a brand-new tune called 'Make you mine”!! This freestyle track has a trance flavor with an old-school vibe and the guys added some nice vocals to complete this project. This track will make you jump and is guaranteed to pop up in your head all day..!

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TEEDRY - The rush

Teedry opens 2017 with a big bang, loads of bubbles and a brand new tune! After a modest first release during the summer of 2016 Teedry raised the stakes and is going all-in. This fresh youngster spent some quality time in his studio and this fine tune was born. The Rush is a fine mixture of proper vocals and huge leads combined with a deephouse vibe. This track will make your speakers work and when the drop hits…DAMN

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SCRMWRKX – Everybody get down

Once again they are back with a brand new massive track! SCRMWRKX are on a roll and believe us, this duo is unstoppable. They produce festival material like a turbo charger. “Everybody get down” is full of summer atmosphere and energy, the flute in the break will get you straight in the flow. This piece of art will guarantee moving feet and screaming crowds in the clubs and at the best festivals around the world. Let the summer begin!

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